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Notícias da Casa de Anne Frank

Newsletter 20 December 2013

Anne Frank

New e-book available in seven languages
Anne Frank in the Secret Annexe: who was who?

Anne Frank in the Secret Annexe: who was who? offers a new portrait of the people in hiding and their helpers, who were rendered unforgettable by Anne Frank’s diary. The e-book, featuring many previously unpublished photos, depicts their life stories and how they related to each other, and describes the background to the period in hiding and its inexorable end. As a reader of our newsletter you can get a 15% discount with the code 76237VLEZHW6 if you download the e-book before 31 December.

Nelson Mandela on the diary
See a film of Nelson Mandela talking about the strength he derived from Anne Frank's diary when he was imprisoned on Robben Island.

Introductory lesson on Anne Frank
The introductory lesson on Anne Frank is available in Dutch, English and German. It is designed for pupils aged 11 to 15, and has been developed for digital blackboards and tablets.

Museum opening hours
The Anne Frank House is open during the holiday period, but with different opening hours. See our changed opening times.

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